Q. Can Explore International help me travel to Cuba legally?

Yes Explore International provides travelers with the information, support and documents needed to facilitate a legal trip to Cuba.

Q. Why should I travel with Explore International?

Explore International can help optimize your travel experience. We structure short-term trips that exceed your trip expectations and enrich your understanding. All Explore International Trips are coordinated through local guides who live in the host communities we visit. Our trips are directed by qualified facilitators. Regardless of age, background, or familiarity with Cuba, we invite you to join us on an Explore International Trip and learn firsthand about this wonderful island nation and her people. We can also custom design a delegation for your school, place of worship, workplace, or professional association. We are now expanding our services to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Q. What defines or qualifies me as a Humanitarian Traveler?

Explore International will qualify individuals who desire to provide humanitarian help to people in need in Cuba. Upon qualification, each traveler must commit to acting as an aid courier to deliver supplies provided by the ministry.

Q. What Kinds Of Ministries Would I Visit With Explore?

Explore International works with a wide variety of ministries throughout the island of Cuba. These ministries include orphanages, elderly homes, pregnancy help centers, etc.

Q. How Long Would It Take Me To Set Up A Trip With Explore International?

It depends on the size of the group traveling (time frame, group size, legal status, etc.)

You Have Decided That You Are Traveling To Cuba FAQs

Q. What Do I Need To Do To Travel To Cuba With Explore International?

Complete the Travel Application Form on the website. Once you have completed your application, an Explore International representative will contact you regarding the next steps to take.

Q. What Does My Airfare Ticket Include?

Airfare, Taxes

Q. What Are Some Tips For First-Time Travelers?

  • Educate yourself about the island and its restrictions before you travel
  • Make sure you are prepared financially, as credit cards will not work in Cuba
  • Ask any questions prior to traveling
  • Avoid traveling alone
  • Avoid wearing extravagant clothing
  • Make sure to pack light clothing for warm weather

Q. What about Currency in Cuba?

The current exchange rate in Cuba is approximately 1.00 CUC = $1.25. This exchange takes place in Cuba banks against US dollars. It may be possible to cut this loss slightly by exchanging dollars for Euros or Canadian Dollars in the US prior to bringing currency to Cuba.

Please note that credit cards, debit cards, money orders, or checks are not processed in Cuba and will be of no value to you.

Q. What Are The Luggage Restrictions For Travel To The Island?

Weight Restrictions in Miami

  • $2.00 per pound after the 44 pound limit
  • $20.00 for a checked bag
  • Unlimited weight allowed for aid, but must pay after 44 pounds

Weight Restrictions in Cuba

  • 66 pounds of general goods allowed
  • Additional 22 pounds of medicine allowed—must be in separate luggage
  • $5.00 CUC per pound after 88 pounds:
    The 66 pounds and 22 pounds of medicine must be in separate luggage
  • Cannot exceed $200.00 CUC worth of weight

Q. How Much Money Should I Take?

We recommend $100 USD P/Day for basic needs. Do not take more than $10K.

Q. Can I Use My Credit Cards In Cuba?

No, US Credit Cards will not work in Cuba.

Q. Can I Take Travelers Checks?

We do not recommend this; the process to exchange them is very lengthy and complicated.

Q. Will My Cell Phone Work?

No.  Rental phones are available, Please ask us for more details.

Q. What Can I Bring Back With Me?

Art, printed matter such as books, photography, as well as music. Everything else is subject to the embargo.

While in Cuba FAQs

Q. Can I Drink The Water?

We don’t recommend it , always drink bottled water

Q. Should I Brush My Teeth With Bottled Water?


Q. Can I Take My Laptop/Tablet With Me?


Q. Is There Wi-Fi/Internet In Cuba?

Yes, most major hotels offer wireless and internet; however it is limited and can sometimes be very slow and keep in mind there will be a fee for its usage.

  1. Can I Take Pictures?


Q. How Much Should I Tip?

Please refer to our tipping guidelines

Q. What Should I Pack?

Casual wear, comfortable shoes, light clothing, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, medicines (Both Prescriptions and over the counter), and tissues.

Q. Are There Safes In The Rooms?

Most of the major hotels have them.

Q. In Case Of Emergency, Is There A US Embassy In Cuba?

Yes there is a US interest section in Havana (Phone: 537-833-2302).