Thanks for visiting our site! We are really excited about partnering with you on your next international mission venture. Whether you’ve heard about us from a friend, or from someone who went on a mission’s trip with us, or simply searched the web, we’re glad that you’re here!

Explore International is an interdenominational missions organization founded in 1994 to provide North Americans with meaningful short-term mission travel and service experience in Cuba. As a Christian ministry, our vision is to connect people to increase mutual understanding and support. Whether you are a church group that wish to serve, or a group of university students interested in learning, medical or high school students who wish to explore another country, a team of professionals, or simply a gathering of like-minded people, Explore International can coordinate the details of your trip so that you can relax and enjoy your unique experiences as you visit Cuba.

It is our desire to give you an opportunity to bring hope to the hopeless, give your time and love to orphans and those that are less fortunate, or feed the hungry all while experiencing the joy of getting to know their heritage- EVERY mission counts. Every little thing, every little person matters. We believe in uplifting others and ourselves to remember we are necessary, and that through prayer that lives are transformed. We seek to disciple as Jesus did; our vision is that God would use us to rise up a generation of radically committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

Explore International provides travelers with the necessary information, orientation, and support needed to plan and carry out educational, cultural, religious, and medical expeditions.

We are dedicated to helping with scheduling, planning, team preparation, and obtaining necessary licensees and visas. We can even accompany teams on their first trips if required. Our unique approach takes care of you and your team from beginning to end by personally addressing every aspect from your initial inquiry to your return home.

We create customized journeys for a wide range of individuals, groups and organizations. Program itineraries incorporate meetings, on-site visits, and interactions with experts and laypeople in different fields, providing a deeper understanding of issues well beyond the superficial coverage found in mass media. Groups are linked with churches and organizations working toward positive change, with opportunities to serve others by distributing meals, clothing, and hygienic necessities throughout impoverished areas.

We are now expanding our services to Latin America and the Caribbean: contact our representatives if you have a particular destination or area of interest in mind. We serve individuals as well, and support group leaders who wish to embark on a solo exploratory trip before organizing a team trip.