To help you prepare, this orientation section will provide basic information about the people, our work, and some suggestions about what to bring. One of the most exciting aspects of a mission trip is the chance to meet and work with all types of people. You will experience a lifestyle and culture very different from your own. When God leads you on a mission trip, your life will never be the same.

Traveling to Cuba could be complicated, but you will experience a truly life-changing adventure. Cuba is unlike any place you have previously visited – a place and a people rooted in culture, history and curiosity. All but closed to Americans for nearly half a century, Cuba offers a mixture of old-world and indescribable beauty existing side by side.

Come laugh and play with the children that so desperately need your love and attention. Step out of your cocoon of comfort and experience life in Cuba. You won’t regret it!

Our short-term mission trips are for adults 18 and older who are in good health. Older teens will be considered with the recommendation of the team leader. Teams will work along with our missionary staff as they witness and worship in this rural community. You will work, worship and witness shoulder to shoulder with others as we share Jesus using the talents, skills, and resources that He has blessed us with.

This trip will be life-changing as you yield yourself to be on mission for God. When planning a mission trip, there are many things to take into consideration such as housing, transportation, logistics, insurance, security, and much more. Read the sections on “Trip Issues” and “Things You Should Consider” to learn more.

Who can travel to Cuba legally?

All persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction who qualify for a general license, who travel under the auspices of an organization that has a specific license, or who obtain a specific license themselves under the Cuban Assets Control Regulations, can legally travel to Cuba.

Cuban-American Travel to Cuba

All Cuban born travelers are entitled to hold a Cuban passport if they wish so and comply with Cuban Immigration regulations (meaning they left Cuba legally). Whether naturalized US citizens or legal US residents (green card holders), all Cuban born travelers require a Cuban document (Cuban passport with “habilitación” or PE-visa) to travel to the island. If they are naturalized US citizens, left Cuba legally before 1970, and do not wish to have a Cuban passport, they can travel with their US passport and a special visa called PE-11. This visa is valid for only one trip in a period of 90 days from the date of issue. Contact us for assistance if you are a Cuban-American.

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